Try this 9 point checklist


disappointed in your growth?

  • Is your marketing budget being wasted?

  • Is your website generating enough sales?

  • Discovered the limits of search engine and social media tricks?

  • Could you presentations be more powerful?

  • Are your staff energised with a single vision?

  • Is your mission statement impacting deeply?

  • Could your meetings be more productive?

  • Do your emails grip people’s attention?

  • Is time wasted in inefficient communication?


Businesses waste millions on marketing because they break the number one marketing rule: You have to tell the truth.  

Customers know when what you say about yourself is not what you are really like.  Or they will eventually. And they don’t like it.

Marketing that is successful over the long term has to tell the truth about you.  So you have to know who you are. You have to know what you really deliver to the customer.  You have to know what makes you different.

But that is not easy to do - for a very logical reason.

You can’t see yourself

Most businesses don’t know what makes them different.  Why?

1. They have never asked the question:  “What makes us different?”  

2. They have not asked others.  They have not asked their customers about their experience.

3. You can’t see yourself.  Many businesses don’t understand themselves because they are too close to be able to see themselves clearly.  It’s hard to see the big picture when you are down among the details.

4. Language can be a problem.  In your business, you need specialist language.  But this can prevent you from seeing and explaining yourself clearly. Technical terms, acronyms and cliches get in the way.  

The problem is the product

If the leadership of an organisation cannot explain what makes them different, it is predictable that their staff will not understand their purpose.  So they will lack focus, unity and energy. They are more prone to distraction, conflict and inefficiency.

The problem here is not the marketing, the problem is the product.  The problem is you - the lack of clarity and alignment in your organisation, and the problems with communication and teamwork that have resulted.

The bad news is that you have to fix the product before you fix the marketing.  The good news is that the same solution will fix both.

Because once a clear brand story is found for a business, staff can find their place in it.  If a business knows what it really delivers to the customer, then each department and individual can know and measure how they contribute to this.  Teamwork increases. Decisions are made objectively. Communication comes alive with purpose. Morale lifts.

Your business starts producing what you said you would and customers experience what the brand had promised.  Your brand becomes clearer and stronger and more attractive.  People know what you stand for. Now you are ready for marketing. Watch sales skyrocket when you do!